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Educate In Nutrition From The School Cafeteria


According to pediatrician Carlos Casabona, author of the book "You Choose What You Eat", it is important that children have fun in the nursery school dining room, enjoy, eat healthy and learn, but makes it clear that never, purely mathematics, Meals in schools have been linked to the issue of overweight or childhood obesity, since roughly , according to Casabona's calculations, barely represent of all meals a child makes for a year.

However, because of its educational aspect, and despite the fact that the family is the main educational agent at the nutritional level, there are more and more voices and projects that try to take advantage of the school dining room to integrate food as a learning process that goes further Beyond the physiological fact of eating. The Dubai nursery school dining room is part of the educational project of the school and therefore not only has a physiological or cultural purpose but has a relevant educational burden.

From this idea is the project of the Ecological Dining Room of the nurseries in Dubai, municipality of managed by the cooperative. As explained in the project website itself, the act of nutrition is one of the vital functions of every organism, so they consider "of vital importance to accompany this act from a global and respectful perspective, taking utmost care of all Elements that participate in it and always starting from the vision of the child.

Respect the food

The first thing children should know what a healthy menu implies and all types of food and ingredients that can make it up. At the same time, it is considered important for students to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods "so that they have a more realistic perception of what they are eating. Based on this, according to the dietitian-nutritionist, all those initiatives that encourage motivation towards a healthy diet with different strategies are welcome. Among them, the expert on infant feeding highlights the projects of urban school gardens, since starting from Of them can be programmed activities: plant the seeds, water them, study their growth, what the fruit or vegetable means in the season, collect them once they have grown, clean them.

Another example of an initiative is the Dubai School Diner, for example, starting with a basic premise, as explained. For a child to respect, thank and value what he Arrives at the plate, it is necessary to assure in the first place that the processes that have followed the foods from that they leave the farm or the field until they arrive at the plate are also respectful. To do this, in the school they encourage the children to know firsthand and from their own experience how these processes have been: "We want them to know where they come from, to know the garden, to see the product they are going to eat in a month, See the farmer how he works. And the same with the kitchen equipment, so that children are aware of the whole process behind the dish that is eaten each day.

Starting from this base, in the preschool dining room of the school different activities are carried out in relation to food, such as presenting them to students when their season arrives, or giving information every day On the ingredients that have been used in the menu. We want to introduce a new way of thinking the dish that is not from the typical nutritional pyramid. More than explaining how much they have to eat of each type of food, that they know what each of them contributes, in order to relate food to needs. In this sense, and to corroborate the learning of the project, in the Dubai School have set a goal, that the last week, of course, the menu will be composed by children.

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